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For over 25 years, the members of the East Bay Pet Services Association (EBPSA) have been an organization of pet professionals who live in the communities we serve. We prioritize safety and security to ensure your best friends are well looked after. Whether we walk your dog on the trails of the East Bay Regional Park District, your neighborhood, or visit your kitty at home, you will return to find your pets calm, happy, healthy, and relaxed.

Many of our members have over two decades of knowledge and experience caring for a wide variety of pets. We follow ethical business practices and support our members with networking, guidance, and education. As fellow pet guardians we understand what it takes to go above and beyond client expectations and we pride ourselves on the long term and trusting relationships that we develop with our clients.

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If you are looking for dog care and other pet services, please contact the EBPSA members who service your area.
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Membership is open to owner(s) of local, owner-operated, non-franchised pet care businesses.
New applicants are welcome!

All EBPSA Members are certified pet pros

Membership is open to owner(s) of local owner-operated non-franchised pet care businesses. New applicants are welcome!

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