Many EBPSA members also belong to one of these national pet sitting organizations:

  • PSI (Pet Sitters International)
  • NAPPS (National Association
          of Professional Pet Sitters)
  • PSA (Pet Sitters Associates)
  • EBPSA supports pet rescue groups, animal shelters, and local dog parks including:

  • Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
  • PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful
          Support)/East Bay
  • Hopalong Animal Rescue
  • Mosswood Dog Park
  • Joaquin Miller Dog Park
  • Friends of the Oakland
          Animal Shelter
  • Smiley Dog Rescue
  • Noah's Wish
  • Milo Foundation
  • Fix our Ferals

  • About EBPSA

    Way back in the 1990s, when the pet sitting “industry” was in its infancy, a group of East Bay pet sitters and dog walkers began meeting informally. Back then, most of these fledgling businesses were one-person operations. They began networking in order to find reliable backup people for vacations and emergencies; and to discuss issues that affected all their businesses.

    As the pet sitting profession grew, the East Bay Pet Services Association (EBPSA) became a bit more formal, and established some minimum requirements for membership.

    Today, many of the original EBPSA members are still in business, and EBPSA remains a group of small, independent, owner-operated pet care providers. Dog walking, pet sitting, training and grooming are among the services offered by our members.

    EBPSA’s monthly meetings provide a venue for members to network, exchange referrals and share information. With guest speakers at most meetings, members have many opportunities to enhance their knowledge and develop new skills. Our mission is to set a high standard of professionalism in the pet care industry, while helping to improve the lives of animals in the East Bay and beyond. See our Community page for details on our work with local animal welfare organizations.

    All EBPSA members carry business liability insurance and sign a Code of Conduct. Members must also have a business license from the city where they reside, carry the required permit if they walk dogs on the trails in the East Bay Regional Parks, and have other professional certifications or related experience if they offer training or grooming services. New members are thoroughly screened via our Application process, described in detail on our Membership page.

    The EBPSA is operated as a nonprofit association in accordance with Section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue code. No part of the net earnings of which shall benefit any association member, elected Board member, or private individual.